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We work towards ensuring a life free from inequality and discrimination amongst the Homeless
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Helping women, Children & Youth never doubt that they are Valuable & Powerful

Kisswa Minds Organisation (KISMOS) is an indigenous, non-profit organization founded in 2011 in Masaka District. Kisswa Minds Organisation was initially registered in Masaka District as a CBO in 2011,Having the city status, We have renewed our registration with Masaka City (after being carved out from former Masaka District) last year.

Kisswa Minds was incorporated by the registrar of companies as a national charitable organization/company limited by guarantee, without share capital. Kisswa Minds mainly targets the poor i.e., the homeless people, vulnerable children (Orphaned, disabled, abandoned and the disadvantaged) and other marginalized groups.

The organization protects, mobilizes and works with vulnerable young people and adults to address their health, education, vocational and economic needs etc. through a broad array of direct social economic services and volunteer programmes directed to individual, family and community needs in southern and central Uganda, Kisswa Minds works together with schools to empower vulnerable children and marginalized groups with skills and resources to lead healthy and self-reliant lives and become agents of change in their communities.

Kisswa Minds  is a Registered Community Based Organization(CBO) that was initiated way back  with a multiplicity of objectives, departments and goals spearheaded by the God community fearing people of Masaka Greater Region who felt concerned, sympathetically discovered and deeply observed the multi-importance, contributions, achievements, big roles and duties played by the God given gifts of community women and mothers, girl child, vulnerable and disadvantaged youths, widows ,elders, people with disabilities, the orphans and the poor families hence forming that organization which shall uplift and empower them to triumph in all spheres of life for instance to socio-economic prosperity.


Kisswa Minds organization concept resulted into its formation and is behind the true social entrepreneurial youth, Kisswa Derrick using God given skills and talents, morally and professionally parented and groomed by the Godly parents  in Nyendo-Mukungwe Division, Masaka City who are indigenous citizens of the region who passed through hard life living situation. Literally, Kisswa Minds was started with an empire of aims, objectives and departments  among which include; promoting skills development Program, Promoting Manufacturing and Industrialization of Cottage projects, promoting ICT and Computing skills for youth, promoting Guidance and Counseling services to young scholars, sensitization on HIV/AIDS Epidemic, Promoting Agricultural empowerment program, promoting financial empowerment program, promoting Health empowerment program, promoting talent empowerment program, promoting Domestic Housing program, promoting self-discovery, Youth participation in co-curricular activities, promoting Intercultural/Friendship program, promoting early child education services and Holiday Youth Camp Empowerment, promoting women empowerment program among others.

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We need to reshape our own perception of how we view ourselves. We have to step and Fight for the Homeless to take the lead. We can Do It, If we take one bite at a time, One step at a Time.


I was one of the second cohort sponsored beneficiaries in KISMOS in
2021. I still remember [the staff] in KISMOS. They were really
hardworking and responsible, and those attributes helped me to also be
responsible, creative, and hardworking just like them. They also
guided me to be a better person.

Many thanks to Kisswa Minds Organization sponsors for giving us
benefits of  the different programs they offer. My unforgettable
memories are the seminars and retreat activities. The biggest lesson
that I’ve learned from the different programs was to dream big and let
the challenges and obstacles in life push you to your full potential.

To donors and sponsors of KISMOS, thank you for your generosity and
kindness. You are making a big effort to have a better and sustainable
life. I’m a product of your help and my goal is to help those who are
also in need.

Lubowa Denis


I became a sponsored student in 2020-21. Prior to joining Kisswa Minds
Organization, my parents were struggling to make ends meet.

Attending helped me to gain confidence and trust myself. I finished
college offering Catering and Hotel Management through African Ark
College of Management Sciences.The staff are easy to approach and
trusted our capabilities and skills.

Looking back, if I did not become part of KISMOS, my family would have
a hard time sending me to a college. I would like to thank all the
sponsors who supported me. Because of you, many children  and youth
like me were able to graduate from college and had the opportunity to
reach for their dreams.

Basangwa Christopher



We organize inclusive programs for Homeless Children, Youth & Women

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