Sad News

Investigating another break - in in the offices of Kisswa Minds Organisation -KISMOS


The police in Nyendo Mukungwe in Masaka city are investigating another break in in the offices of
Kisswa Minds Organisation -KISMOS.
Muwanguzi Benard, the Director- Technical says that on Saturday night, unknown thugs broke into their
offices located at Nyendo ward – Nyendo Mukungwe Division in Masaka City and took way vital
documents and three laptop computers.
According to Muwanguzi, the thugs took away a box file that contain important details about the
Muwanguzi says the thugs also raided a home that is about the affected offices, where they were
however repulsed after the occupants’ raised alarms.
‘’We are made to believe that one of the thugs sustained injuries while they were breaking in because
we have found blood stains at the scene of the crime. We hurriedly called in the police, but they have
not made any arrests yet’’ Muwanguzi says.
Kabeja, the Nyendo Mukungwe Division police officer, says their detectives have visited the scene of the
crime and have commenced investigations into the incident. He reveals that they have obtained clear
dues which they are going to corroborate in their pursuit of the perpetrator.
Kabeja, indicates that they are going to widen their scope of the investigation to include among people
staff of the affected Organisation to establish if this was not an inside game.
In October, the same organization suffered a similar break in by yet unknown armed thugs who alleged
also took away two laptops, a tablet, a cell phone, and key Organisation files.
The case of burglary and theft was recorded by police, but investigations are yet to yield results and no
person has ever been charged.###