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We will help create 200 healthy, self-sustainable families in the Masaka region by the end of 2024.


We create healthy, self sustaining families in the Masaka region & beyond by combining well organised educational materials, the knowledge of passionate volunteers, and love for all.

Organisation Objectives

  1. To mobilize and sensitize the people of Masaka on the improvement of savings as a back bone for capital accumulation for commercial agriculture and small and medium enterprises.
  2. To lobby local and central governments, development partners and well-wishers to support the people of Masaka in their efforts but not limited to reducing poverty, food insecurity and disease.
  3. To mobilize the people of the Masaka region to participate in government and non-government development processes and programs
  4. To undertake any activities to develop Masaka Region and its people not limited to reducing poverty, food insecurity, diseases and ignorance.
  5. To establish projects that shall fulfill the vision and mission of the association.
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Kisswa Minds came to liberate the vulnerable and disadvantaged people and give them a platform to discuss youth problems as well as finding solutions as a group privately for their affairs.

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