Kisswa Education Fund Stories | Zalwango Beatrice

Following Scriptures “Knock & It Shall be Opened” is a strong word of Consideration when we look in Matthew, We were all once your with dreams of becoming Engineers, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Pharmacists, Geologists, Computer Repairer’s, Graphics designers, Social Workers, Strong Business Men & Women, all to mention but the few, On different occasions of our lives these dreams fail due to internal and external situations.

Kisswa Minds Education Fund is aiming at Making sure a child’s dream remains his dream without considering the factor of tuition fees on failure. Looking into other factors like career guidance, mental health situations, Kisswa compliments and attends to all those facilities in other programs to fully build and bake a complete graduate who will not be a job seeker rather a job creator.

Back to the above statement we are looking towards any resource support that can be given to smoothly progress the Education Program as the benefits to these children continues positively impact the community.

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