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Educate A Child

Educacte A Child

”Educate a Child” strives to provide school fees to the homeless,  underprivileged children in Greater Masaka  communities.
Access to affordable quality education will help them unlock credibility and wisdom.

The goal is to educate young, less privileged people, focusing on
skills and providing them with sufficient skills and education to
support the needs of these communities.

This project aims to support at least 100 homeless children, aged
5-18+ years, by December 2023.

The primary target group are homeless girls and boys, youth, less
privileged children from the lowest income populations, particularly
those who are affected by the communal clashes .

The strategy we have adopted is to provide quality education to these
homeless children, holistic education that addresses both their
physical and emotional needs while creating dignity through
self-reliance, beginning at a tender age.