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Business Plan & Gospel Awareness

Uganda being a land locked country ( She country), Under developed, rampant unemployment, Increasing school dues, Increasing taxes on goods etc, this means that unprivileged people lug and are left behind onto what would benefit and develop them both spiritually and economically. This is because some people have a belief that they are better than others, Yes they are right but Kisswa Minds believes that people are equal and those who believe are better are so because of the opportunities they have. Opportunities of Knowing and applying the Gospel, Opportunities of education, Opportunities of affording medical Health and so many others.

We will always face difficulties in trying to know and discover which our callings are but through deep praying and pondering God will speak directly into our hearts so us to know what he’s saying. Therefore it’s never too late to magnify our callings even to the benefits of our communities. On the Date Of 8th/March/2022, Kisswa Minds Organisation decided to visit Kikube Kisaabwa Bukomansimbi District to Give Teachings about Business Plan & Gospel Awareness’s though the expected numbers didn’t not attend as expected we are looking forward to have more and more to join the Cause. The teachings started at 2pm and ended at 6pm.

Kisswa Minds Organisation

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